Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

SEO Services

You do not develop a good online presence after just developing your website and getting it live. You need to spread the word out loud about who you are, and what you offer. Most of the traffic to any online business comes through search engine search results like Google, Bing, etc. We help you get your website SEO optimized after a full scan of what needs to be changed in it.

SEO Audit:

From the brand authority, to the power of your links, in our SEO audit, we check anything and everything that might affect the site to rank in the search results, and provide you with the most optimized algorithm sets to get them all fixed.

Who need a SEO Audit?

Having a small business, and neglecting some important stuff, like a SEO audit is just something very stupid to do.
There are hundreds of other small businesses offering the same stuff that you offer, but might be running a better campaign over SEO, and might leave you behind very soon.

seo audit

So, to conclude, anyone and everyone who has an online presence of his business, needs to get a SEO audit done. It will eventually help you save your advertising costs, and will get you more traffic, and obviously more sales.
What SEO audit will brings to you.

A good rank is one of the most essential factors to achieve in your online business goals. By using the correct optimization strategies on your website, there will be a considerable increase in the number of visitors on your site, and furthermore, better leads, and better results. And this will happen only if visitors search for keywords related to your business. And what a SEO audit does, is the same. So do not hesitate in spending on a SEO audit to promote your business online.

Our SEO Services:

Each and every business is unique in itself. Every company works in a different way, and we understand this well. We do not follow the same traditional approach for all our businesses we take care of, but we implement personalized and customized techniques for every business based on their demand, product and requirements, to produce the best results possible for everyone.

We offer you with the following generic SEO Services:

  • Domains
  • Sub domains
  • URLs
  • Redirects
  • 404 page
  • Robots.txt
  • Indexing issues
  • Crawl issues
  • Page load time
  • Duplicate content
  • Data feed optimization
  • Conversions HTML and XML site maps
  • Code validation
  • Keywords
  • Local targeting
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Page titles and meta tags
  • Content Creation
  • Navigation and file structure
  • Template-specific recommendations
  • Internal linking strategies
  • External linking strategies
  • Webmaster accounts
  • Social media integrations
  • Blog optimization

Only website! What about Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO

More than 70% of the searching takes place on mobile phones. With the advancement in smartphones, and the boon of high speed internet available everywhere, it has become equally important to have your business optimized to react with the mobile search results. Mobile results are as rewarding as the normal ones, so neglecting these is like neglecting half of your potential leads.

We also offer:

  • Local search listing
  • E-commerce SEO

At Blue Ants Media, we have an expertise set of people working in E-Commerce since long, and we will help you in any kind of E-commerce issues like inconsistent data, duplicacy and a lot of other things that will make your E-commerce site rank much better in the results as compared to your competitors.

Google Panda and Google Penguin Recovery Services:

Google Panda and Google penguin are two really powerful tools provided by google itself, generally dealing with the issues related to spam and filtering. These work wonderfully well, and will help you fetch great results. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the both, and you can rely on us for your website to be full of :

  • Good quality contents
  • Genuine and quality links
  • Optimize pages multiple keyword phrases
  • Ensure proper navigation
  • Careful external linking
  • Developing old domains
  • And removing duplicate contents

Why you should have a Pre-SEO analysis?

If you are new in the business, you must get a Pre-SEO analysis done to easily understand your real time rank, and where you are going to stand when finally running the business!
With a Pre-Seo analysis, you get an insight about:

  • How to get a website optimized
  • Keywords and target audience
  • How to design a SEO campaign

SEO Packages:

Want to get higher ranking on Google, yahoo, Bing? Our company is professional SEO Company providing great quality SEO services for your website. Our dedicated team will help you to achieve top ranks in most popular search engines. Our SEO audit will ensure you to achieve top positions and attract more traffic to your website.

Why Choose us?

SEO is the most proven and cost effective way of marketing. With years of experience in the field of Online marketing and SEO, we, at Blue Ants Media understand what you need, and how you need it.

We understand what deadlines are, and you will start to see yourself on the first page of results in a very few months.

We give regular attention to our clients, and it is a pleasure for us to keep on dealing with them again and again.

We do not overcharge, and whatever we charge is always worth it.

“Our customer is like a beautiful promise for us and we believe in keeping our promises. “