Social Media Marketing

social media

Almost everyone we know today has a Facebook account, uses Twitter, or active on Pinterest. Social media is a great channel for interaction, and for businesses, it is the best platform to connect to the customers in an even better efficient manner.

Social media gives the freedom to target a particular group of audiences. This makes the job easier for all types of campaigns, because every organization needs to target a different set of customers, and this also saves a lot of time and efforts of us, as well as your money.

Role of social media in marketing campaigns:

Social media also plays a very helpful role in developing a brand image. One is ready to spend a day without eating anything, but he cannot live a day without logging into his social media accounts. We make the marketing campaigns reach the users in a healthy manner that improves the productivity of the same.

How to use Social media sites:

There must be like so many social media sites, but it is not recommended to spend time and money on all. We use Flickr, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, because of the great reach they offer. Social media marketing is not just about posting anything and everything. Everything reaches a vast audience, and anything offensive and irrelevant can spoil the image of the brand permanently. We take extra care of what we post, and how we post it.

What we will do:

We will create social media accounts, which will be verified and promote all your products and services on the same. There will be regular posts with relevant content to get you more leads and traffic, and these posts will also be promoted everywhere.

How we do social media marketin:

We begin our work with

Strategy and brand planning: At this step, we identify your brand, and plan on how we promote it.

Presence: We introduce your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites with your own name.

Comments and likes: We will work on increasing the number of followers and their activity, to get more likes and make your social presence presentable everywhere.

Engage with offers for ROI: We will try to introduce some promotional offers and techniques, to generate new customers, keeping everything under your budget.


There are 3 broad packages that we offer:

  • Small business/ shopkeepers/ cottage industries/ retail outlets – Targeted area local
  • Medium scale business/manufacturing units/ franchise promotions – Targeted area regional
  • Large scale industries/global access – Targeted area nationwide

SMM does not only help in increasing the ranking and profits, but also helps to get a realistic and quick feedback from the customers about the products and services, which can help us decide on how we proceed further to make everything perfect for the consumers.