Web Design Services

web design services

A website gives your business to be explored by the whole world. It acts as an intermediate between those billion dollars you have always dreamed of, and the countless efforts you are making today, to even make your business survive.

Website designing is a huge subject, but to classify websites in a generic form, they are of two types:

Static and Dynamic Design:

  • Static Design Format: Basic HTML code written to develop web pages that stay as they are, for their life.
  • Dynamic Website Design: Dynamic Website designs are the web pages that keep on changing with time, based on the data, information acquired, etc.

Standards We Keep In Mind While Developing Any Website:

While developing any website, we always follow the standards formed by “world wide web consortium” (W3C).  These standards allow our team to create perfect websites across a wide range of devices and platforms.

Our standards as

  • Easy Code mantainence
  • Low mantainence costs
  • Faster loading times
  • Search engine optimization

What is main reason to create a website? It could either be for making money or giving some useful information on any particular subject or Business.

Our Website Design Features:

  • Our team creates good navigation modules on the website which assists the users in surfing through the web pages.
  • The website provided to you will be full of useful information.
  • Contact information is clearly provided, so that the users get in touch with you easily.
  • We use good minimal color combinations.
  • As you know, users always visit any website for a specific reason and goal so we also focus on defining the purpose, for what every user visits the site.

Things that our team never forgets before launching any website:

  1. Cross browser testing

While developing any website, our team always analyzes it on different platforms and different browsers.

  1. Mobile compatibility and check for responsiveness

Most of the traffic comes from mobile sources. We ensure that the website developed is compatible with smartphone browsers.

  1. Valid HTML with favicon (favorite icon)

Validation of our code will be carried out by none other than W3C. This ensures full user readable capability, and also helps build a good ranking, talking about SEO and stuff.

  1. 404 error page

We always take care of having the 404 error page. Basically, it prevents the broken links on the websites, and makes the broken links look good.

Tools and technologies we implement:

  • In our web graphic designing we basically use the raster and vector graphic packages for giving the design prototypes and web-formatted imagery, to ensure high quality.
  • Technologies used for developing the websites are having a standardized mark-up, which can be hand coded or generated by WYSIWYG editing software.

Skills and Techniques We Use:

  • Type of layout is all upon the content. We match the theme and the content properly to give the user a good reading experience in all forms.
  • Focus is on developing a user interactive design.
  • We also serve motion of graphics in our articles as per the requirements